• Oil and Water Don't Mix?

    We all learn from an early age at school that Oil and Water don't mix. What if we told you that they actually DO mix? When we set out to formulate our latest Jamaican Black Castor Oil line, Dr. Syed wanted toย include a light sprayable product that still contained a potent payload of JBCO. JBCO ha... View Post
  • Scalp Care for Protective Styles - No Itching or Dandruff

    If you're a naturalista who likes to switch up your look with protective styles, beauty influencer,ย Jessica Pettway, is showing you her steps to a long-lasting, moisturized and itch-free foundation. Jessica has Type 4cย curly hair,ย a very dry scalp and suffers from dandruff.ย She says that when w... View Post
  • Goodbye Dandruff & Hello Scalp Care

    Happy New Year! . The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect, look ahead and make some promises to you, our valued customers. We thought about what was important to us and to you, so we came up with 3 resolutions. We promise to always be intentional with our new products, natural-focu... View Post